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Health & Medical Research

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Marketing Manager-Medical Research Trials
Columbus Memory Center: 2007-Present

As the creative force behind a talented neurosurgeon, Cat continues to work for Dr. Jon Liss MD. Establishing his online identity with a website, and promotional products. Designing the overall presentation of the staff business cards, promotional puzzles ads, posters and flyers.

Marketing Director-Health Club Chain
Bodies in Motion: 2003-2005

Established the marketing department for a chain of 6 health clubs. My duties included marketing strategy, planning, budget estimates, designing, producing and fulfilling advertising projects for a $40,000 dollar monthly budget. Produced a television commercial campaign that ran daily on 6 networks and 6 cable providers, designed weekly newspaper ads, monthly magazine ads, billboards, banners, posters, video and still photo shoots. Had overall creative input on the look and content of the website. Issuing weekly reports on multiple projects and all advertising related expenses. Responsible for creating original art in Quark, Photoshop and Illustrator. Negotiated rates, contracts and schedules with newspapers, magazines and suppliers for advertising

Marketing Manager-Health Club Chain
Powerhouse Gym: 2005-2006